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Story Comments

Educators are saying . . .

“I read the book (The Tattoo) and found it to have some really contemporary subjects and themes that will appeal to teen readers.”
Lori Hermelin
Teacher Librarian

Stink Bombs uses a great blend of humor and suspense to hook readers! Appropriately-planned chapters won’t overwhelm readers, and the discussion questions are spot-on!”
Ann McCann
Teacher Librarian

This summer, my English Learner students read Limo for Two? After taking turns reading the short story about twin brothers, students worked in groups to answer the questions at the end. The questions led to some lively discussions and debates about honesty, family, middle school friendships, and relationships with teachers.
Jill Colet
EL Teacher

Readers are saying . . .

Limo for Two?
“I liked the story because it talks about friendship and family…”

“… you wondered what you would do in the same situation.”

“I liked this book because it was pretty easy to read and it was good, the book had lots of things that junior high kids go through, and it also shows how they solved their problems” By Paola T.

The Tattoo
“This is the first book I’ve read and that I was able to understand.”

“I took a quiz on this book and was able to pass it. That’s never happened to me before.”

“This book is amazing. I would really recommend you reading this book. This is now one of my favorite books.” By Jacob W.

Stink Bombs
“I thought the book was funny. I told my friends about it.”

“I really enjoyed this book because its funny. Also because it relates to me because I go to middle school. Another thing is that it is so short you can read it in 30 minutes.” By Peter R.

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