R. Fulleman
R. Fulleman having tea at the Elephant House Restaurant, Edinburgh, Scottland.


Ron Fulleman was born an identical twin and raised in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California.  At the young age of 6 months, he and his brother were in two large-scale movies, Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, and Seven Cities of Gold.  He and his brother grew up loving old movies and radio programs.

In high school and college, Ron developed an appreciation for communications.  To that end, Ron studied languages.  He took 5-years of German (in high school and college) and was tutored in Romanian, along with attending summer school in Romania twice during his college years.  Additionally, Ron took a French class in community college and an exploratory Italian class in high school.  Since his brother speaks Polish, Ron’s even picked up a few words of Polish (all nice words, of course).

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Ron worked for 27 years at GTE and Verizon Communications.  In his last fifteen years there, Ron created documentation and internal communications, ensuring his writing levels were appropriate for recipients at all levels within the corporation.

Since 2014, Ron has been substitute teaching in his local junior and senior high school district. He saw first hand the need for age appropriate books written at easier reading levels.  So, Ron wrote the Ron and Bob Stories.  This 3-book series (Limo for Two?, Stink Bombs, and The Tattoo) shares the story of two identical twin brothers’ times at home and school.  The writing is targeted for beginning readers as Hi/Lo books (High interest at a Low reading level). The stories are written for 6th through 9th graders but at 2nd and 3rd-grade reading levels.  The books are mostly used within EL and Special Education classes, each book having five discussion questions.  Also, available for each book on the author’s website is a Common Core lesson plan, a 30-question quiz, and a book talk.

The Ron and Bob Stories give reluctant or new readers age-appropriate looking chapter books that are easier to read.  These books have given many students their first success at reading a book and passing a test on that book.  See the newly added list showing 6 different ways in which teachers are currently using the Ron and Bob Stories in their classrooms by clicking this link.

Upcoming . . .

Ron Fulleman has recently signed with publisher Putnam & Smith for his next easy reading (3.5 reading level) MG YA novel titled, Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story.  In this story, Cam, a 15-year old boy and his father SCUBA dive on the sunken WWII ship his grandpa served upon.  The ship was sunk amidst burning oil in 1944, killing 63-men.  Diving on the wreck requires local guides, but Cam was lucky and an attractive island girl his age, Vera, was his underwater guide.  It was Vera’s job to keep Cam safe and outside the dangerous wreck.  But when an unknown force calls to Cam, he ends up in the ship retrieving a shiny object.  Not wanting his parents to know he broke the rules by going inside the ship, Cam must survive fiery apparitions alone while finding out the secrets of that object as it changes not only his life but the lives of others.

As an added feature of the book, a second book, Faces in the Flames: The True Story is included. It is a non-fiction account of the WWII ship, USS Mississinewa (AO-59), written at a 3.5-grade reading level.  The Mississinewa had the unlucky distinction to have been the first U.S. ship sunk by a suicide submarine used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in WWII.  Ron has first-hand knowledge of the Mississinewa.  His dad was on board when it was sunk.  Ron has also co-hosted two ship reunions, assisted in writing a book on the ship, and maintains the ship’s website.



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