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Get My Books

If you have students who could benefit from the right Hi/Lo books, my Ron and Bob Stories are what you’re looking for. Struggling readers and English learners will be able to read these stories, thereby building confidence in their English language arts classes. The Ron and Bob Stories are written for grades 5 through 9, but at a 1st-grade reading level.

Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story - book coverWe are excited about our newest book, Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story, written for teens, but still an easy read. It is only available at this time through, directly from the publishers, Putnam and Smith Publishing or at Follett’s Titlewave. Visit the home page for details.

Librarians! Our books, including Faces in the Flames: A Ghost Story, are available through Follett’s Titlewave® if you need library processing!

Visit our ebook link for the Ron and Bob Stories on ebook.  Also, we now offer a bi-lingual version of Limo for Two?/¿Limo Para Dos? in ebook.  Each page in English is mirrored in Spanish. Great for English or Spanish learners.

Teachers! In order to give teachers additional free resources, each book contains 5 discussion questions for reading groups, a quiz of 30 multiple choice questions, and Common Core Lesson Plan available for download from this site.

(To order using PayPal or Credit Cards, click on Add to Cart button and adjust the quantity in the Shopping Cart. If paying with a check, please use the contact us and tell us book title(s) and quantities.)

*The suggested series order is 1) Limo for Two?, 2) Stink Bombs, and 3) The Tattoo.  The books do not need to be read in series order.

Limo4TwoISBNpic-188x300Limo for Two? is a story about twin brothers. One brother wins a ride in a limo to the school dance. Unfortunately, his brother did not win a ride in the limo. See what these two close brothers did to help each other get a limo ride to the dance.

ISBN: 978-0-9886434-0-6 (pbk) $7.95USD
Reading Level – 1.3, Reading Ease 99.4, 89-pages, Interest Level 5-8, Lexile – 290
(*Using Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and Flesch Reading Ease assessments)
(Modify quantities in Cart)


StinkBombISBNpic-188x300April Fool’s Day gets out of hand and totally disrupts Ron and Bob’s school in Stink Bombs. Read how these twins help the principal with the smelly problem and the totally unexpected solution their principal comes up with.

ISBN: 978-0-9886434-1-3 (pbk) $7.95USD
Reading Level – 1.6, Reading Ease 99.0, 75-pages, Interest Level 5-8, Lexile – 290
(*Using Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and Flesch Reading Ease assessments)
(Modify quantities in Cart)


The Tattoo book coverThe Tattoo is a story about twin brothers, Ron and Bob, and their struggle with the decision whether or not to get a tattoo. Seems like everyone is getting one. Later, the boys see how the advice their grandpa gave them was right.

ISBN: 978-0-9886434-2-0 (pbk) $7.95USD
Reading Level – 1.4, Reading Ease 98.5, 82-pages, Interest Level 5-8, Lexile – 250
(*Using Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and Flesch Reading Ease assessments)
(Modify quantities in Cart)
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